Gun Garage Answers the Question – “Where Can I Buy Ammo in Las Vegas?”

The modern shooting range and full service gun store, located a short distance from the world famous Las Vegas Strip, carries a wide selection of firearms and ammunition to satisfy any shooting enthusiast.

Shotshells and cartridges are the two basic types of ammunition. Shotguns fire shotshells, which contain a single slug or numerous small projectiles, called shot. Cartridges are shot out of handguns and rifles.

Regardless of type, all ammo consists of a projectile, gunpowder, primer and case. When the firing pin in the gun strikes the primer, a spark ignites the gunpowder. The powder converts to gas and forces the projectile out of the case and through the gun’s barrel.

Caliber refers to the size of the bullet’s diameter, and has nothing to do with a bullet’s power or length. A .22 bullet is designed to fire in a .22 rifle or pistol. The .22S is specifically for a short barrel firearm while the .22L and the .22LR are for the long barrel and long rifle, respectively. Using the wrong caliber ammunition in a weapon increases the risk of jamming.

At Gun Garage, we offer an astounding variety of ammunition options for every gun owner. Members of our sales staff have the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions about ammunition. They can help ensure you purchase ammo appropriate for your purpose in order to save you money and enhance your shooting experience.

Call the shooting experts at Gun Garage at 702-440-4867 (GUNS), or stop by our store at 5155 South Dean Martin Drive the next time someone asks, “Where can I buy ammo in Las Vegas?”

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