Our Gun Range in Las Vegas: What to Expect with an Event

Gun Garage is located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and makes a great experience to complement your trip. We cater to everyone – non-licensed beginners as well as existing gun owners. None of the other gun ranges in Las Vegas offer the type of door-to-door service, modern facility and highly trained personnel like we do.

Many of the visitors to our Las Vegas gun range are part of events like corporate outings and bachelor/bachelorette parties and have never held a gun before. We also set private sessions up for families and out-of-town visitors looking for a unique, incredible gun range experience while in Las Vegas.

We offer affordable themed gun range packages as well as special rates and hours for groups, families and couples. If you schedule a gun range reservation (reservations not required) we’ll pick you up at your hotel at no charge.

Gun Garage is the Only Five Star Indoor Gun Range in Vegas

When you arrive, you will see why the Gun Garage offers one of the most modern, up-to-date gun ranges in Las Vegas. Our gun range meets the highest safety standards while incorporating desirable features like noise reduction and extra wide stalls for easy gun handling. Unlike other gun ranges in Las Vegas, we also offer a spectator area where viewers can safely watch friends and family behind bulletproof glass.

Our staff consists of highly trained experts ready to help inexperienced beginners learn how to safely and properly handle guns. Many come from military backgrounds and are instructors that teach gun training certification classes.

While at our range, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about different guns, including hand guns (including Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum), Tommy Guns and automatic rifles. If you are looking to change it up in Vegas, add the adrenaline rush of shooting a variety of guns and learn about guns you’ve seen in movies and on TV. If you are considering a gun for purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to handle multiple guns and get educated by the experts on the potential gun that meets your requirements.

Our staff is ready to give you an exciting, safe and educational evening at one of the most modern gun ranges in Las Vegas. To learn more about events at our gun range in Las Vegas, call (702) 440-4867.

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