Vegas Gun Range Celebrates National Volunteer Blood Donor Month with First Ever Blood Drive

The operators of Guns and Ammo Garage is pleased to announce they are teaming up with United Blood Services to save lives by holding a blood drive on Friday, January 11. This is the first event of its kind hosted by the modern indoor Vegas gun range located at 5155 S Dean Martin Drive, behind the Luxor pyramid, just off the world famous Las Vegas Strip. The event is in recognition of National Volunteer Blood Donor Month and will take place from 1 pm until 5 pm this Friday.

The Bloodmobile will be collecting donations for distribution to patients in area hospitals. Individuals are encouraged to make an appointment by visiting

United Blood Services has the greatest need for type 0-Negative blood but donors with any blood type are welcome to make an appointment and participate in the drive. Individuals may donate three times a year and everyone participating in this drive is eligible to receive complimentary range time at Guns and Ammo Garage.

All donors must be at least 16 years old and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds. Parent or guardian permission is required for most donors under the age of 18. The process is quick, easy and virtually painless. Blood collection takes approximately 10 minutes after the initial interview and brief medical exam. Following the procedure, donors should spend a minimum of 15 minutes in the refreshment area to enjoy a snack and replenish fluids before resuming normal activity.

Guns and Ammo Garage invites everyone to join them in this worthwhile cause. After your donation, come inside and speak to one of our friendly gun experts for more information about your free gun range time.

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