Silencers muffle the sound of the gun shot

There are many different models of suppressors, for rimfire (22LR), center fire pistol, and center fire rifle. In the United States suppressors can be owned by a person 18 years of age or older and if state law permits. Nevada is 1 of 38 states that allows ownership. Suppressors require a special tax to be paid in the sum of $200 per item, which is the same tax for SBR (Short Barrel Rifle), SBS (Short Barrel Shotgun), and Machine Guns. We rent different suppressors on our state of the art range here at Guns and Ammo Garage. Currently we have a Silencerco Sparrow, which is a rimfire suppressor mounted on a Walther P22 pistol, Silencerco Osprey mounted on a HK Mark23 45ACP pistol, and Advanced Armament Corporation M4-2000 mounted on a FN USA SCAR full auto.

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