When it Comes to Machine Guns, Las Vegas’ Gun Garage is No. 1

After you’ve doubled down for the last time at the blackjack table, live your dream to shoot powerful handguns or fully automatic machine guns. Las Vegas is where that dream comes true, courtesy of Gun Garage!

With our huge selection of handguns and machine guns, Las Vegas’ ultra-modern, 12-lane Gun Garage is the place to go when you’re ready to move on from the casinos.

You’re not alone if you’ve wondered what it’s like to fire an Uzi or a classic Thompson submachine gun or wished you could squeeze the trigger of Dirty Harry’s favorite weapon, a .44 magnum.

The latest craze in our city involves heading for the shooting range, grabbing ear and eye protection, and spending a few hours firing machine guns. Las Vegas has a number of new ranges, but Gun Garage is one of the most popular, for several reasons.

Try Your Hand at Firing Machine Guns, Las Vegas Newest Thrill

Business is booming at our beautiful facility. Here’s why:

  • Everyone is welcome. Shooters of all skill levels have a great time at Guns & Ammo Garage. Even if you’ve never held a gun, much less fired a machine gun, Las Vegas’ skilled and ever-present firearms instructors will take good care of you. You don’t have to be a citizen of the U.S. to shoot at our range and a gun license or permit is not necessary.
  • Safety is a priority. Our range was designed and built with a focus on the safety of our customers. Families can be confident their well-being is protected with features such as two-inch bulletproof glass and AR 500 steel shooting stalls.
  • We’re customer-oriented. Events such as weddings, birthdays or corporate events are our specialty. We also operate the friendliest gun store in Las Vegas, offering a full line of handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Gun Garage is where residents and tourists alike come to experience the thrill of shooting handguns, rifles, shotguns and machine guns. Las Vegas’ most exciting shooting range is located at at 5155 S. Dane Martin Ave., west of Interstate 15 and the Luxor hotel and casino. Call us at 702-440-GUNS (4867) for reservations or to book your group at our affordable rates.

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