Improve Skills and Stay Safe with Gun Classes in Las Vegas

Regardless of skill level, all shooters can benefit from gun classes in Las Vegas. Guns and Ammo Garage supports quality education for gun owners and their expert instructors are dedicated to ensuring the safety of gun owners and their families.

As a public service, Guns and Ammo Garage offers gun safety courses designed for students of all ages. The free Gun Safety Class teaches new gun owners how to handle and store a firearm properly and safely. Participants get an education on different types of guns allowing them to make informed decisions before they make a firearm purchase. The course also covers proper gun maintenance and stresses its importance to being a responsible gun owner. Younger students find out how to handle a situation involving a gun where there is no adult supervision. This 60-minute class is open to students 13 and older.

The Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program is a 90-minute class for children in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Children learn what to do when they see a gun. Instructors share Gunsafe information by using various materials, including pamphlets, coloring books and DVDs. No ammunition or firearms are used or on display during this free safety class.

The Nevada Concealed Carry Course prepares students to complete an application for permission to carry a concealed firearm. Students may bring their own gun and 100 rounds of ammunition or rent a firearm from the gun range and purchase the ammunition. The course is 8 hours with the option to take a full day class or a 2-day course with 4 hours of instruction per day, and is available for $99.99.

The Fundamentals of Defensive Pistol Course covers all aspects of pistol safety, handling and maintenance and offers a chance to apply skills learned on a live fire range. The class is 4 hours and is suitable for beginners and shooters who want to improve their basic firearm skills.

Reserve a class online today or call 702-440-GUNS (4867) to reserve your place in any of these gun classes in Las Vegas.

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