Gun Garage Offers Group Rates for Las Vegas Corporate Challenge

Employee morale plays an important role in the success of any business. With that in mind, many business owners are looking for ways to engage employees that go beyond the occasional bagel breakfast or ordinary company barbeque. Gun Garage’s group packages offer Las Vegas corporate challenge events for business owners to treat employees to a unique day away from the office.

Gun Garage operates a modern target range with 12 lanes where guests have a chance to handle and shoot a variety of firearms. Professional instructors supervise each session and provide expert direction to ensure the safety of all participants. Guns and Ammo also has a meeting space so owners can strategize with their employees for end of year planning, future goals, and more.

Gun enthusiasts have the opportunity to shoot different types of firearms, including the MP5 submachine gun, the UZI and even a Tommy Gun, the preferred weapon of early 20th century mobsters. One of the newest additions to their arsenal is the semi-automatic FN SCAR 17 Heavy, a weapon used by US Special Operations personnel and law enforcement officers.

Themed packages allow guests the chance to shoot multiple rounds using a variety of weapons. The Zombie Hunter experience offers time with an AK-47, a shotgun, an UZI and a 9 mm Glock or HK USP to blow away specially designed zombie targets. Other packages include the Vegas Mob Tour.

All packages include range time, safety goggles, ear protection and instruction time with a trained safety officer. Guests receive targets to shoot and and take home with them as well as free range bucks.

A day at the gun range is exhilarating and fun for sharpshooters and amateurs alike. Qualified instructors are equally capable of putting beginners at ease and offering advice to experts who want to hone their skills. All sessions begin with a brief safety lecture to enhance the shooting experience for everyone.

Employees have a chance to interact outside the workplace and can participate in some friendly competition on the shooting range. The experience is suitable for men and women of all ages and since safety officers are always present, participants do not need a license or permit to shoot.

Gun Garage offers discounts and custom scheduling for groups. Contact their firearms experts for more information and this team building opportunity at 702-440-4867.

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