We’re thrilled to present our newest long-range, semi-automatic gun to visitors at Gun Garage indoor shooting range! The FN SCAR 17 Heavy is typically available to law enforcement and US Special Ops military personnel but our guests can check this fantastic firearm off of their bucket list.

The SCAR 17 is fully ambidextrous so anyone can use it with ease, including first-time shooters! The innovative gas-operated, short stroke piston system reduces recoil and allows you to focus on the target. Similar to an AR, the SCAR 17’s bolt stop paddle, magazine release button and safety lever are in the same places, though the safety lever operates at a 45 degree angle as opposed to 90 degrees, as found on the AR. The stock comes standard with a two-position adjustable comb, differing from the usual optical sights consisting of tall rings and bases.

Gun Garage now offers two versions of SCAR – the 16 Light and 17 Heavy. Come by to try both of these great semi-automatic weapons out! Call us at 702-440-4867 to reserve your time today.

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