Experience the Thrill of Shooting Machine Guns in Las Vegas

Guns and Ammo Garage offers everyone the chance to see what shooting machine guns in Las Vegas feels like. Their state-of-the-art gun range is just minutes from the Strip and offers a variety of shooting experiences to suit everyone from the amateur shooter to the experienced marksman.

With the SWAT experience, you have the opportunity to wrap your hands around the MP5 and M4. The MP5 is a 9 mm submachine gun developed during the 1960s by German engineers. This firearm is used worldwide by law enforcement, military, security and intelligence organizations. The M4 is a shoulder-fired weapon with a telescoping stock and features selective fire options. It can be set on semi-automatic or will deliver three-round bursts and is commonly used by US military soldiers. This experience also includes the option to fire an HK USP 9 mm or GLOCK 9 mm pistol.

Zombie fighters can hardly resist the Zombie Apocalypse experience. Shooters face off against special zombie targets and get 50 rounds with an Uzi, 25 rounds with an AK-47 assault rifle and 20 rounds with their choice of a Glock or HK USP 9 mm pistol. They also have the opportunity to go old school with 5 rounds out of a shotgun.

Our Pick Any 3 experience offers your choice of any semi-automatic, 9 mm and full automatic weapon including the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon or the Russian AK-47 for around $160.

All experiences include the use of eye and ear protection, targets and Range Bucks, which are redeemable for GAAG store merchandise including caps, t-shirts, mugs, aluminum water bottles and more. Experienced instructors supervise each session eliminating the need for shooters to have a gun license or permit. To experience the thrill of shooting machine guns in Las Vegas, call Guns and Ammo Garage at 702-440 GUNS (4867) and book your session today.

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