Best Survival Guns [Buying Guide]

There are all kinds of weapons. The knife is considered a weapon, just like the baton, stick or electric. The primary interest of a weapon is to be able to defend itself. Since survival means to be able to defend yourself in difficult circumstances, to have a weapon became almost an obviousness.

But is the gun necessary? The answer is obviously no. Nevertheless, a firearm has this particular deterrent power. An attacker can always try to disarm you with your knife. He can avoid your shots while with a firearm, he immediately steps back.

Having a firearm does not require you to use it.

On the other hand, a firearm is also the ideal means of hunting. No prey can stand up to a firearm, with a very wide range of coverage. When you have to hunt to eat, a firearm is ideal.

Most firearms are subject to either a declaration or an authorization. However, there is a category of firearm that you can purchase freely.

Though the general rule for buying a gun or a ‘survival gun’ is the same but let us look at some of the factors to consider when choosing your first survival firearm.

Why Are You Buying?

You need to seriously ask yourself for what purpose you are buying a weapon. Though sounds silly but honestly speaking…Is it for self-defense? Hunting? Or…Target shooting?


Survival gun is a decision which should not be taken lightly. You should do some self-research as well about the weapon. For example, after reading reviews on our website, you may want to see what other people are saying about that particular firearm.

Ask Questions (Be Silly)

Don’t think of any of your question as a dumb one. A firearm is meant to protect your life and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask any question even if you think it is silly. You must have all the knowledge about the thing you are about to purchase.

Don’t Be Cheap

It is worth invest a few extra bucks for something reliable instead of going cheap and finding yourself miserable in emergency situations. Your life is precious and it demands proper investment for its protections. Right?

Firearms without a License

For firearms, they are old weapons, generally dating from before the 19th century and which work with powder. Nothing prohibits you to get a musket or a rifle with manual reloading. These weapons, considered not very dangerous, are for over-the-counter sale.

The only condition is that the buyer is of legal age.

Weapons subject to declaration

Category C weapons are subject to a mandatory declaration regime. These are semi-automatic weapons and their ammunition. The majority is obviously required, but a clean criminal record is also a condition.

As soon as the firearm is purchased, the purchaser must make the declaration using the form n°12650*03. A copy of the identity document and that of the hunting permit or shooting license are attached to the declaration.

Note: The declaration must be filed by the gunsmith with the prefect of the department in which the purchaser of the firearm resides.

Firearms subject to authorization

Category B firearms require an authorization. These are semi-automatic weapons with less than 31 rounds. The ammunition reserve is limited to 1000 units for 12 months.

In addition to the requirements for a category C weapon, a character investigation is also conducted and proof of detention is required.

The request for authorization is filed with the prefecture of the department by the applicant, using form cerfa n°12644*04. The authorization shall have a duration of five years renewable at least three months before expiry.

Important: The authorization must precede the purchase of the firearm.

Quick Survival Tips

  • The first priority is almost permanent attention to the danger and, if necessary, immediate preventive or defensive measures. It is not necessary to be an experienced survivor to know this common sense rule. Let’s watch the animals evolve for a few moments in the urban jungle or even more so in nature. In nature animals are attentive, live in the moment and are always ready to react. Do as they do.
  • Even the best are not immune to carelessness or the unexpected. After the accident or attack, it will sometimes be necessary to repair the damage. The second priority is the “S” of Health (his own and that of others) and First Aid. Your boyfriend may not survive 3 minutes without oxygen or severe prolonged bleeding.
  • Three quarters of an hour without making a topographical point and you risk losing yourself. With no map or compass, remember to look up and examine the landscape to position yourself. Do not hesitate to retrace your steps to avoid getting lost if necessary.
  • The Greek word “Pyro” which means “fire”. In a real survival situation (be sure to respect the law if you don’t), a fire will be very useful, not only to warm you up but also to:
  • It is true that one can survive at least 3 days without drinking but it is not less true that it is advised to drink by small sip every half-hour.
  • For the others or if the situation lingers, it will be necessary to consider the wild plants collection (nettle, dandelion, pine thorns…), the search for insects as well as the fishing and the hunting of small game (in respect of the legislation if the situation is not critical).
  • Even if, like Robinson Crusoe, you are comfortably settled in your cabin with plenty to eat and drink, there will come a time when you will want to find your loved ones or civilization. In most cases, without proper medical care, adequate thermal protection or adequate supplies, it will become a matter of survival.


I hope this discussion was helpful. And once again, feel free to ask any question related to any firearm. If you’ve got some personal recommendations which you think should be on the list, drop them in our inbox. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more exciting stuff like this.