15 Best Hot Glue Guns Review

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Or maybe you love home improvement on a day to day basis? Whatever it might be, you cannot find glue guns better than the ones below. So…keep reading!

Having the best hot glue gun can provide the required adhesion power of the liquid glue from a small nozzle and help to join together two surfaces firmly. While being a handy tool, it is actually fun to use a hot glue gun.

Important: Must be kept away from reach of children.

Best Hot Glue Gun

There are plenty of hot glue guns you will find on the market. The full sized guns usually come with high power heaters and used for heavy duty purposes.

Similarly, you will also find cordless version with temperature adjusting features and other settings as well.

With all that in mind, let us take look at 15 of the best hot glue guns you can buy in 2018.

AI 300 Watt Hot Glue Gun

The best thing about AI 300 Watt Hot Glue Gun is its fast warmup feature. You won’t have to wait till long to use it. It takes less than 5-minutes to heat up and has plenty of features. I really love that the gun allowed to control the temperature in a smart way which prevents overheating.

Having a quick warm up time, it is also energy efficient and remains on a reliable temperature via its Smart Temperature Control system. It operates on 150-300 watt. There is a small adjustable switch which can be moved to either of the options.

It is a perfect gun for hundreds of DIY projects, frames, decorations, glass, magnets, fabric, leather, paper, plastic, metal, wood and much more. While this dual voltage glue gun is perfect both for light and heavy duty jobs, it is also very safe. It has a thermal insulation on the handle and an anti-overheating case which makes it perfect for you.

There is a user manual inside which guides you on how to setup and use it but overall it is very user-friendly. You won’t have any trouble operating it. It is actually professional to use. The beautiful white design is perfect both for the casual and experienced users.

It also features a built in indicator and a flip down stand which allows a super-easy operation. All you need to do is insert the glue stick and that’s it.

Important to mention here the white model of this gun costs an extra 20 bucks. If you’re color picky person, an extra sum must be paid.


  • Fast warm up time
  • Perfect for DIY and many other projects
  • Extremely powerful and 100% safe
  • Professional and user-friendly


  • It may drip sometime

BOSCH PKP 18 E / PKP18E Glue Gun + 5 Pcs Hot Melt Glue Sticks

An 18E glue gun which comes with five hot melt clue sticks. It has a pretty sleek and stylish look with a dark green body. Its outer casing is anti-thermal and won’t heat up at all making it extremely safe to use.

The front diameter from where the melted glue comes out is 11mm in diameter. It comes with a plug adapter as well which is required to operate the gun and is included with your purchase. The electronic equipment used inside are also made by Bosch. This makes all the heating elements extremely safe and of high quality along with a constant working temperature as well.

Unlike the previous model of glue gun, it takes a little more time for initial heat up which is 7 minutes. In the meantime, you can put it on the wire stand for more safety which comes along with your purchase.

Forget those traditional glue guns which create a mess when using them. It offers a clean operation and is user-friendly with no dripping. It is possible because of the drip lock giving you a clean and secure adhesive bonding for different DIY projects.

Wood, glass, metal…? You name it! This gun can literally glue anything you want to. Time to repair those broken decoration pieces.


  • User-friendly
  • Comes with five glue sticks and plug adapter
  • Fast readiness and maintains a constant working temperature
  • Clean operation for adhesive bonding


  • Universal plug quality is satisfactory

Ryobi P305 18V ONE+ HOT GLUE GUN

Looking for a user-friendly and self-standing glue pistol? You need the Ryobi P305 which comes with three glue sticks with a two finger trigger offering enhanced control. Just above the on/off switch there is an LED indictor which tells you about the battery status.

It uses Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt battery which is extremely powerful. This battery is sold separately but you can always buy one from your local store but we highly recommend using Ryobi’s official battery for this gun.

Unlike other glue guns, it is designed for extremely heavy duty gluing applications. Don’t worry about dribble tip. A lot of glue gun owners hate it when the glue melts and drips on their floor or other precious item.

Also, no matter what you have to put something underneath your gun to care about the drip. With Ryobi gun, you will get a drip blocker which prevents those unexpected glue drip overs. This will give you a neat and clean operation.


  • A self-standing gun
  • Comes with three powerful glue stick
  • Ready to join anything you want
  • Battery powered with 3.5 hours of runtime


  • Burns more glue

Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 100 Watt with Carry Bag and 12 pcs Glue Sticks

Because only a few guarantee quality, this is why you need PROKleber glue gun which is a universal adhesive tool made for professional and novice users. It is user-friendly, thanks to the simple operation.

Whether it be metal, wood, plastic, glass, paper or any decoration piece, it is perfect to use for all. It is professionally designed with the German Quality Standards and has a pretty ergonomic design as well.

Its outer body is pretty solid and is constructed from durable plastic and metal which will last for years to come. While it operates at 100-watt power, because of high heating temperature it takes very less time to melt the glue. Requires only 2-3 minutes initially and results in a strong adhesive result which is reliable.

The entire kit comes packed nicely in a bag which can be easily carried anywhere you want and contains 12 glue sticks as well.


  • Fast melting
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Comes as a kit in a storage bag
  • Reliable and efficient


  • Gun sometimes get too hot

Genround Hot Glue Gun, Genround 100W Professional Hot Glue Gun Glue Sticks

With a brass nozzle and over-heat protection, Genround has manufactured one of the best hot glue guns of all times. It has a tiny nozzle which is made from a very durable rustless brass/copper material.

Not to mention that other glue pistols usually have an aluminum nozzle. Though it is considered not to rust but it isn’t as durable as brass or copper. Moreover, it comes with a soft silicone covered tip which is integrated to protect your hands and the gun material from getting burned.

Don’t worry about drips. This gun is clean to use and its 2mm wide, small and precise nozzle won’t let the extra glue drip over your furniture or floor. Controlling the flow of glue is pretty easy and the small nozzle designs lets you reach the small corners pretty easily.

Best of all the glue doesn’t back flows nor leaks or clogs. It prevents the unusual mess and saves you from any trouble.


  • Quick heating system. Takes only one to three minutes to pre-heat
  • Non-drip copper nozzle which is clean to use
  • Prevents backflow of glue and easy to use
  • Comfortable grip


  • Trigger is hard to press

Hot Glue Gun, Cobiz Full Size

It is time to let the creative inner go free and play around with some DIY projects or fix those broken decoration pieces. Glue gun by Cobiz is probably the best on the market. It is a large full sized glue pistol which is perfect for all types of users.

Its heavy duty operation lets you join anything with its powerful adhesive mechanism. Its small pre-heat time won’t let you wait long to use it and easily operates on 60/100W. Inside the gun there is German ceramic PTC thermal heating system which ensures 1-3 minutes of super-fast heating.

It isn’t like those mini-guns. Full size and built with superior quality. Its ergonomic design not only gives you the stability when using it but also makes it extremely comfortable so that you can focus better on your work.

The plastic used is of high quality and is engineered to withstand high pressure and temperatures without deforming or breaking. Its inbuilt safety features make it extremely safe for you to use. Unlike the traditional glue guns, it comes with high quality glue sticks which nicely completes the job. S


  • Premium glue sticks
  • Safe, efficient and reliable
  • Full sized and professional
  • User-friendly


  • No drawbacks

Hot Glue Gun, Natrosky Full Size 60 Watt High-Temperature Glue Gun Kit

Comes with 3-pieces finger caps for extra protection and whopping 34 pieces of glue sticks for a never ending creativity on your DIY projects. In fact, out of 34 sticks, 7 are glitter sticks which can be used on decoration pieces for a beautiful touch.

Natrosky always promises to deliver you with high quality products which are extremely safe. We really like the finger caps that come along with your purchase without any additional cost. These protect your hands and fingers from the hot melted glue while working on your projects.

It also features a no-drip nozzle which doesn’t create a mess on other objects around you. This nozzle also ensures a steady flow of glue. Moreover, its pin-point shape ensures that the glue is applied on the desired area accurately.

Its smart heating mechanism is so efficient that it can easily perform well on extremely tough household jobs for a reliable outcome. You don’t have to wait long as its fast heating system melts the glue in less than 3-minutes and makes it available for use. All you need to do is pull the trigger.


  • Fast heating
  • Ergonomic design which comfortable and durable
  • 100-% money back guarantee against any manufacturing defects
  • No-drip nozzle


  • No options to change the temperature

Chandler Tool Hot Glue Gun Kit w 12 Hot Glue Sticks

Looking for a glue gun which offers a reliable operation and can self-balance? Try the Chandler Tool Hot Glue Pistol which comes with an ergonomic base which nicely balances the gun’s body and keeps it stable.

A traditional stand is also included. It is also UL certified for North American use and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is of professional quality and operates on 60w. Not to mention it isn’t a small sized gun rather a full sized and user-friendly.

Before you throw your broken decoration pieces away for which you spent hundreds of dollars or that wooden furniture, try repairing it with Chandler’s glue gun. It can even be used to glue those cloth tags and buckles. Whether it be your DIY project, birthday, holiday, crafts, furniture, metal, wood or anything, it can glue together nicely.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Professional and full sized gun
  • Fast heat up system which takes less than 3-minutes to melt the glue
  • Comes with a stand-up base for your convenience


  • Its glue release trigger seems a bit low-quality
  • Only one glue sticks included

RAGNAROS 60 Watt best Hot Melt Glue Gun

Need a never ending supply of glue sticks with your glue pistol? Get the Rangnaros professional quality glue gun which features a copper nozzle and has an ergonomic high temperature protective body. It also includes a cover, wear-resistant and leak-proof glue exit nozzle.

Another thing to notice is the built-in slip ring which helps prevent the plastic stick from falling back and controlling the flow of glue saving your time. It has a rapid preheating system which is powerful and operates on 60 watts only.

The Tech Electronic PTC heating technology used in it guarantees safety and less heating time. You can also control the temperature, thanks to the Smart Temperature Control feature which keeps the gun at a reliable and consistent temperature.

This also prevents the gun from getting too much hot. Since it is energy efficient, you will also save a lot on your electricity bill. Its anti-overheating case with thermal insulation on the handle has an LED indicator along with internal safety fuse which protects you from any potential danger.


  • Rapid heating which saves your time
  • Energy efficient and extremely safe to use
  • Professional design
  • Comes with 30 pieces of glue sticks


  • Sometimes the glue keeps on oozing out

ccbetter Upgraded Version Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

This is the upgraded version of ccbetter. A mini yet a professional grade hot glue gun which takes less time to heat up. Only 3-minutes of wait is all you have to do before using it on your DIY projects.

There is a safety switch along with an LED light mode to keep you updated on the status of the gun. Its anti-hot cover protects your hand while working on your projects and can be removed afterwards.

It also comes with a flexible support to help keep the gun stable and upright, allowing you to easily use the gun in any angle you want. Its trigger propulsion feature helps to control the flow of glue and save the sticks to last longer. Its nozzle is of high quality and properly insulated which prevents its deformation and unnecessary drip overs.

The 30-pieces of glue sticks included are environmental friendly and have a super-strong adhesiveness to stick together any object. It is user-friendly, fast and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • 30pieces of glue sticks
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Anti-hot cover


  • Small size may not suit all user. Look for large sized guns if you prefer one

KMC Hot Glue Gun with 16pcs Glue Sticks, 60/100W Dual Power High Temp Heavy Rapid Heating Technology

With only 2-minutes of preheating time, KMC is probably the fastest hot glue guns on the market. It helps to melt the gun stick quickly and its leak-proof nozzle prevents the molted glue from dripping over your furniture of floor while you are working on your projects.

To ensure user safety, it comes with heat dissipation holes which helps to reduce high temperature. It is also dual powered 60/100W. You can set it to 60 watts for small projects and 100w for large projects. In simple for different applications, choose the temperature settings accordingly.

It is pretty efficient and safe to use. You won’t have to worry about overheating. The gun is covered with anti-hot cover which adds more protection. Its friendly design makes it easier for you to apply the glue on the desired area accurately.

The copper nozzle is very durable and doesn’t rust nor does it jams. Its soft trigger makes it very comfortable for you to use it while the wide metal stand gives it the stability.


  • 24-months warranty against all manufacturing defects and ETL listed
  • Friendly and ergonomic design
  • Efficient and safe to use
  • Very rapid heating


  • No drawbacks

Fayogoo Hot Glue Gun Mini, Glue Gun with Glue Sticks 40 Pcs

Another mini gun which is handy for your DIY projects and day to day repairs. It comes with 40 pieces of glue sticks, each 4.0 inch and a cord of 57 inches so that you can easily reach the corners. It is pretty easy to use and setup. All you need to do is insert the stick in the hole located at the back side of its frame, gently slide it till it stops by the pull trigger.

Now turn on the power and wait for the gun to preheat. This takes only a couple of minutes and you are all set to use your new Fayogoo hot glue gun. Once the sticks are heated, gentle pull the trigger and this will start oozing out the glue.

It has a wide use. Whetherit be light-weight or heavy weight items, DIY projects, PVC, acrylic, fabric or even wood, it can join together anything you want. There is a temperature control option as well. I’d recommend low temperature for home and office use.


  • Mini sized but professional grade
  • Temperature control options
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Comes with a one year guarantee against all manufacturing defects


  • No drawbacks

Philonext Hot Melt Glue Gun with 50 Pcs

Philonext is a quick heat up 60 watts melt glue gun which comes with 30 pieces of glue sticks. It is made with high-tech electronic ceramic PTC which helps to preheat the gun in less than 3-minutes, saving you time and allowing to quickly apply the glue.

It is user-friendly. On the bottom of its grip you will see an on/off switch and indicator LED which makes it convenient to use. Wrapping it machinery is anti-hot design which is leak-proof, keeping your surroundings neat while you work on your projects.

The nozzle used is made from thermal pure copper. This not only prevents the glue from dripping on the objects around the workspace but also from back flowing. A metal safe stand comes along with your purchase which keeps the pistol upright and stable in its position.

It is also a perfect gift for your kid’s birthday so he can try it out on some of his DIY projects. Make sure children under the age of 11 don’t use it. This gun is ideal for DIY purpose, home furniture, office, metal, wood, papers, glass, clothes, cards, fabric, plastic and glass decorations, frames and school project.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Quick heat up system
  • No drip or leakage


  • No user manual to setup the gun

Hot Glue Gun, TopElek Glue Gun Kit with 50pcs Glue Sticks

TopElek is a fast heating gun which remains at a constant temperature for long. It takes as little as 1.5 minutes only but can take as long as 3-minutes which is perfect. Because the temperature is kept constant, this makes it a perfect tool for your small DIY projects, broken decorations, furniture, metal, glass and much more.

It is pretty safe and easy to stand by. There is a heat preservation sleeve at its nozzle which prevents scalding. There is an on/off switch which makes it very convenient for you to operate this device. Also, it doesn’t require you to plug and unplug it every now and then.

The new trigger propulsion used makes it easier for the user to pull the glue sticks into the gun while its durable support helps keep the gun stable when not in use. It is probably the most affordable glue pistol which comes with 50 pieces of sticks which lasts for long.


  • Comes with a whopping 50 pieces of glue sticks
  • User-friendly but a manual is added for your convenience
  • 45-days money back guarantee with an 18-month warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Safe


  • Doesn’t push the sticks in that well

Crenova Hot Glue Gun Kit

Crenova is another hot glue pistol which comes packed with 50 glue sticks that are environment friendly and very reliable. Likewise, most of the glue pistols, it heats up within 3-5 minutes and has a built-in automatic temperature control system.

You can use it for multiple purposes. For example, it can be used to stick broken toys, decoration pieces, decorate a Christmas tree, metal products, wood products, card paper, circuit boards, clothes, buckles and much more.

What we love more about this gun is the heater component which is made out of POSITIVE TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT or PTC. It has a fuse inside which makes it safer to use. Just in case of any manufacturing defects found during the first 12-months of use, you can claim a full refund or a replacement. The company is actually very responsive and gets back to all queries within 24 hours.

Overall, it is a nice and handy pistol stick that will solve all your DIY and other problems within a few minutes.


  • 100% Money back guarantee against all manufacturing defects
  • Safe and secure
  • Comes with 50 pieces of environmental friendly sticks
  • Wide usage


  • Plastic quality is satisfactory

Hot Glue Gun Buying Guide

Before we conclude our discussion, here is all you need to know before buying a glue pistol for your DIY and other projects.

It is quite obvious that you need a glue gun for arts, crafts, repairs and DIY projects. But what’s more important is this:


Or simply the trigger of the gun. It is basically the area where you pull to ooze the glue out of the gun. Whether it is a push-feed or manual, you have to insert the glue stick in the hole located at the back of the gun and gentle push it so its reaches the trigger point.


Design is the most important aspect. You can choose a mini gun or a full sized glue pistol. The mini version is usually for home and office based repair tasks while the full size models for industrial purposes.

However, it isn’t a must to buy a small sized gun for home or office. If you love heavy duty work, go for a full size model. Not to mention that industrial guns tend to release more glue and their sticks are expensive as well.


This is a very crucial aspect of your glue gun. Ideally, 100 watts is enough for any gun to work properly. You can buy models which consume more power but 100-watts is efficient and will save you on your utility bills.

Interchangeable Tips

The nozzle of your gun must be easily interchangeable depending on the type of work you want to do. Having the right nozzle can definitely help to apply the glue at the right area to ease your work.

Low Warmup Time

Forget those old models which take a whopping 7-10 minutes for preheating. The modern day glue pistols take no more than 2-5 minutes for preheating. You should also buy models which heat up in less than five minutes else it isn’t worth buying.

Cord Length

Though there are wireless models which operate on batteries but if you are buying a corded one, make sure the cord length is long enough to allow you reach far areas easily and doesn’t restrict your work.

Similarly, the cord should not be ridiculously long that it gets entangled or trip someone in the house.

Serves The Purpose?

If it doesn’t serve the purpose, it is a waste of money. Your new glue gun has to be of superior quality and do all the tasks efficiently. You will be able to do other repair tasks other than just DIY projects. For example, glass, metal, wood, circuit boards etc.


Finally, the price range should be reasonable. Glue pistol come at a price as low as $10 and can be as high as $50 or even more. The price depends on the gun size and its features. Ideally, your glue gun should be somewhere between $10-$40.


Having the best hot glue gun can definitely help you a long way to fix those broken objects in your house and be more creative with your DIY projects. While adhesiveness is the key here but safety must be prioritized and we are confident that all the glue pistols recommended above are 100% safe and deliver the best performance.

We have done our part by suggesting you the best available options. It is your turn now to choose the best out of the bests. Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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