20 Best Gun Belts Review

Gun owners are savvy and do a very good job at selecting the perfect firearm for their personal use. However, I’ve always found them struggling with finding one gear which is a gun belt.

Believe me or not, having an appropriate gun belt for carrying your firearm can save you from a lot of trouble.

So, if you are looking for the best gun belt which gives you quick access to your weapon in case of emergency and holds it nicely on the go, this article is for you.

Best Gun Belt 2018

Our team of experts have spent over a week to pull out some of the best weapon belts on the market. Without further ado, let me take you through their individual reviews…

The Original Ratchet Gun Belt for Concealed Carry CCW

For maximum comfort and durability, this belt features precise Ratchet system. It also makes the belt extremely comfortable to wear and use on the go. You can easily adjust it to ¼” increments and get a customized fitting in its 1” holes.

What truly makes this girdle unique is its true perfect fit which saves you time and allows for a quick and smooth draw.

Because of its ease of adjustability, you can fasten it up around your waist using one hand. Though it has a sleek and rugged design but doesn’t have the bulk which might irritate you when moving around.

The full grain Italian leather used is of military grade durability and also has German polymer insertions. This makes the belt extremely tough under all weather conditions. Furthermore, its thickness is half as compared to traditional girdles but 2x the strength.

Its buckle is pretty comfortable and ensures maximum safety and security of your weapon. This buckle is made out of high quality aluminum nickel alloy along with a locking dual tooth mechanism which gives you a very reliable fit.

Once the belt is tied around your waist, you will feel that confidence and badass look with the gun in the holster.


  • Very precise ratchet system for maximum comfort
  • Allows easy adjustment with a single hand
  • Sleek and rugged design
  • No bulk


  • Stiffener is pretty thin

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

Relentless Tactical Gun Girdle is handmade in USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. It has got the strength, style, durability and that sleek look. The manufacturers are so confident that they offer a replacement against any defects without any cost.

This belts lets you hold your firearm safely wherever you want and gives you quick access in time of need. Unlike the traditional belts on the market, it doesn’t sag, bend or stretch and retains its original shape for long.

Whether you have an IWB or OWB holster, mag pouches, flashlights, firearm, mags and much more, it guarantees a strong and secure platform for all your valuable items. Don’t worry, its material doesn’t have a pinch of nylon.

This girdle is designed from premium quality full grain US leather which is pretty strong and can withstand all the wear and tear of different environmental conditions. The stitches are of high quality and look stylish.

Those of you who want the basket weave version can choose at the time of purchase.


  • Comes in two different colors
  • Handmade from the finest quality materials in USA
  • Keeps your firearm secure and gives quick access
  • Best-selling gun belt on Amazon


  • No drawbacks

Hanks Extreme – Leather Gun Belt For CCW – Concealed Carry

Probably one of the thickest, toughest and the most stable gun girdles you will find on the market which is tough enough to withstand the harshness of any environment you go to. It is a concealed carry belt which is designed with a thick material, allowing you to hoard in the weapon of your choice.

Because of high quality materials, this belt wont sag and has absolutely no stretch or breaks at all. You can easily load it with your survival gear. Its heavy duty leather material can easily handle some big guns as well along with many other accessories like a mag, holster, flashlights, taser, radio, you name it.

It is completely versatile for daily use. It can easily transition seamlessly from on-duty to off and even from a concealed girdle to an open carry. I would recommend wearing it with a holster for a badass look.

Ideally IWB, OWB and even SOB goes perfectly with this belt. Overall, it is a durable belt which meets all your needs.


  • One of the thickest gun belts
  • Doesn’t sag, stretch or breaks
  • Extremely versatile
  • Made from premium quality imported leather


  • No drawbacks

Vedder Holsters Cobra Quick Release Gun Belt

Say hello to the Step down Cobra buckled girdle which offers you everything you need. It has a very simple mechanism to put it on and off. It lets you easily thread the belt through any of your pants, especially the ones with 1.5” loops.

Though some of the Cobra style buckles requires to adjust the Velcro whenever you put on the belt, with Vedder you won’t have to do it. Just run it through the standard belt loops which makes it extremely easy for you.

What gives it the strength is the premium extra stiff dual layered 1.5” nylon webbing. It is sewn in USA and perfectly complements with IWB and OWB holsters. If you’ve got one, you’ve got the perfect combination to make before setting out for your journey.

Vedder offers a 30-day money back guarantee along with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects in the belt.

To be honest, this is the best gun girdle you can own. It has got the style and grace and nicely holds your weapon and its accessories.


  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Sewn in USA
  • Features premium extra stiff dual layered 1.5” nylon webbing
  • Comfortable buckle


  • No drawbacks

Hanks Everyday – “No Break” Thick Leather Belt

Hanks manufacture all of their belts from heavy duty leather which is 100% American made and is of superior quality. They claim that their belt won’t break and give you a full replacement guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

It is constructed by skilled Amish craftsmen and is designed to last for years to come. Don’t worry about any unusual stretch or breaks, its leather has the strength to withstand the harshness of any type of environment.

The leather used in it is 100% full grain and comes as a single piece without any fillers which is great. This prevents the belt from splitting like those traditional girdles. Even if you use it after several months, it will still have the look of a new belt.

Talking about the leather, it is 13 oz. and 1.5” wide without any sag, roll over or any stretching. The buckle is extremely comfortable and removable as well and can be fastened with the removable Chicago screws instead of regular snaps. You can screw in your favorite buckle as well.


  • Premium quality full grain 13oz. leather
  • 100-year warranty
  • Heavy duty performance with no sag, bents, roll over or breaks
  • Buckle can be easily removed and customized


  • Buckle could be made a little more better

Vedder Holsters Cobra Quick Release Gun Belt

With multiple sizing options and a true fit design, Vedder Cobra is another great girdle worth buying. Its unique Cobra buckle gives you a pretty precise size which is great and comes off and on easily. Though it may seem like an ordinary buckle but it has the strength and durability.

Upon close looking, we found that it is actually a step-down buckle. This means, you can easily threat the belt through any pant which has a 1.5” belt loop. A lot of traditional belts require you to adjust the Velcro whenever you put on the belt. Not with Vedder girdle with its cobra buckle.

Its unique design lets you easily threat the buckle via standard belt loops without you taking on or off the belt.

The materials used in its construction are of premium quality and the belt is made extra stiff with dual layer 1.5” nylon webbing. Moreover, all of the Vedder Cobra gun belts are sewn in USA and they perfectly complement IWB and OWB holsters.


  • Comfortable and easy to adjust buckle
  • Fits in any pant loop
  • Extra stiff dual layered 1.5” nylon webbing
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee


  • Slightly expensive

Hanks Stitched Gunner Belts

Hanks is popular for manufacturing thick and durable belts all of them made in USA with premium quality 100% USA leather. Their belts are guaranteed for not breaking despite years of use. This girdle is made by skilled Amish craftsmen and is extremely comfortable and handy.

Whether you need a gun belt for CCW wear or just for general use for carrying other items, it will perfectly meet all your needs. The 100% grain one-piece leather with no fillers won’t split or break like the cheap belts.

You can literally throw it in your storage room for years and still get the same belt with no change in the quality of its leather.

Unlike the previous model of Hanks girdle, this one has a 14 oz. leather which is 1.5” wide and is vegetable tanned with a very nice smell and hue. Its thickness is roughly .22-.23 with absolutely no sag, no rollover, no stretch and no breaks at all.

Since it comes with removable Chicago screws instead of traditional snaps, you an easily customize the buckle. Worried about defects? Hanks is so confident about the quality of their belt that they offer a 100-year warranty.


  • Comes with a 100-year solid warranty
  • Extremely thick and durable
  • 100% full grain leather with no filler
  • Buckle can be customized


  • May feel extra thick to some users

Hanks Everyday Thick Leather Belt

A beautiful and premium quality brown leather gun belt by Hanks. It is 100% American made from top quality leather which is made by skilled Amish craftsmen. While advertised as a gun belt, you can also use it for everyday use.

It won’t break, sag or rollover which is great. Its looks great, feels extremely comfortable and last longer than the traditional girdles on the market.

The leather used in its built is 100% full grain single piece without any filler and this is what makes it great. It is actually a heavy duty belt which doesn’t sag. This leather is 13oz. and 1.5” wide and is guaranteed not to break for lifetime.

Once again, Hanks is so confident on the quality of their gun belt that they offer their customers a 100-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.


  • A thick, durable and heavy duty leather belt
  • 100% American made with full grain, single piece and no filler leather
  • 1.5” wide with 100-year guarantee
  • Comfortable


  • Sizing options are pretty tricky

IPSC USPSA and 3 Gun Ultimate Competition Belt

Though a great gun belt but also a two-piece competition belt which has a badass look and has got the strength and durability to last longer and withstand the toll of any environment you take it to.

It is 1 ½ inches in width which makes it perfect to easily slide into any pant loop and give you a comfortable feel on the go. We highly recommend that before you purchase this girdle, measure your waist carefully and not just rely on the clothing size.

Whatever the waist size comes out to be, simply add two more inches and then get the size of the belt according to your new measurements.

This belt is made out of durable material which doesn’t sag, roll over or breaks and is pretty flexible as well. You will be able to get a comfortable and precise fitting. It doesn’t have a buckle but a strap which gives a tight and comfortable lock.

You can add an OWB or IWB holster along with many other accessories like flashlights, magazines etc.


  • A perfect two-piece competition belt
  • Nicely holds your gun and other items in place
  • Comes with inner and outer belt keeper
  • Comfortable and fits easily


  • No buckle

Hanks Stitched Gunner Belts

The Hanks stitched gunner belt is made in USA with a full style black out. It is tough, sophisticated and made out of durable leather material. While it is a gun belt but can be used as a casual belt for casual occasions.

It is so easy to wear. You simply grab, tie around and buckle up. This buckle can be easily removed and replaced with a customized one which you love. Thanks to the snap construction which makes it possible to easily swap out the buckle and replace it with your own.

It is pretty light in weight as well. The leather is tough and won’t break and at the same time it has that extra flexibility which also prevents unusual rollovers. And despite the fact it is stiff, you won’t feel any discomfort wearing it.

The top grain 9oz. leather is of high quality and comes as a single piece with no fillers. You’ll also get a 5-year solid warranty against any manufacturing defects.


  • Made in USA with premium quality materials
  • Comfortable and customizable buckle
  • 5-year solid warranty against all manufacturing defects
  • Can be used as a gun and casual belt


  • Leather is prone to dust

Daltech Force® Bull Hide Leather Belt

Daltech Force is a 100% full grain leather one piece no fillers CCW belt which doesn’t split and can withstand the toll of harsh environment conditions. Unlike other belts its leather is 15-16oz. and is 1.5” wide with the perfect thickness and width which easily fits holster slots. Its bull hide leather is vegetable tanned and doesn’t sag at all.

Daltech offers lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects and is easily fastened. Since it features removable Chicago screws, it is pretty easy to remove the buckle and add your own.

Sizing is pretty easy and simple. What you need to do is measure your waist and add 2” to pant size. This will be your perfect belt size. Also, having ample room for holster adjustments, this girdle works perfectly with IWB and OWBs.

It is pretty thick and durable and is a tough belt which is perfect for CCW everyday wear. It will not break at all and nicely anchors your holster which gives you quick access to your firearm.


  • Made from 100% full grain leather material
  • 15-16oz. durable bull hide vegetable tanned leather
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Thick and durable


  • No drawbacks

BULLBELT® Daltech Force Gun Belt

Bullbelt is another gun girdle by Daltech Force and from end to end it is made from durable leather material. Unlike the traditional belts which have materials made in pieces, Bullbelt has a single piece 100% full grain premium bull hide leather which is vegetable tanned.

It is pretty sturdy and .25 thick with 1.5’ of width, offering secure comfortable holster carry anywhere you want. You can easily hoard in large guns along with other accessories without any sag or rollover.

The roller buckle used is made out of solid stainless steel and it helps to cinch the belt to the tightness you need for a secure fit. This buckle won’t rust, flake or peel off. Also, you won’t see any tarnishing as in brass buckles.

Its roller slides smoothly through the leather and gives a great feel with the load evenly spread. Since it has Chicago style screw fasteners, you won’t have any trouble removing its buckle and replacing it with a custom one which you like.

Overall, it is a great and durable gun girdle which will nicely hold your OWB and IWB holsters along with other accessories.


  • Made in USA from premium quality materials
  • Solid single piece of 100% full grain leather with no filler
  • Stainless steel roller buckle
  • Chicago style screw fasteners


  • Color displayed is deeper and darker than actual

Hanks Gunner – Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

The Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Betl bby Hanks Gunner is a thick and durable girdle made to last long. It is constructed from 100% American leather and is guaranteed not to break. It has been handmade by skilled Amish craftsmen in USA and is pretty tough to let you carry any gun and other small accessories.

The leather used in it is 100% full grain single piece leather without any fillers. Also, it will not split like those traditional girdles, thanks to the quality leather. Moreover, it won’t get old as it age. You will have a fresh leather for years to come.

Full grain leather used in it is on the top layer of the hide and is the toughest part which makes this belt indestructible. This is a 14oz. leather which is 1.5” wide and vegetable tanned.


  • Premium quality leather belt made in USA
  • 1.5” wide leather with no sag, rollover and stretching
  • 100-year guarantee that the belt won’t break
  • Free replacement against any manufacturing claim
  • Multiple color options available


  • No drawbacks

Daltech Force® RoughCut – Concealed Carry CCW Natural Leather Gun Belt

The RoughCut model by Daltech Force is very popular among gun owners mainly because of its sleek and stylish look. It features a 100% full grain leather single piece without any fillers. Its leather is so durable and remains fresh for long that you can literally throw it in a cupboard for years and still have a new looking girdle.

It features 15-17oz. leather which is 1.5” wide and vegetable tanned bull hide. Its thickness is roughly .22-.23 thick and doesn’t sag, rollover or stretches. The buckle used in this belt is very comfortable and can be removed easily. Thanks to the Chicago screws which nicely holds together and lets you use a custom buckle as well.

Choosing the size is pretty easy. Once you have measure your pant size, simply add two inches to it and this will be the size of your Daltech Force girdle. It is thick, it is durable and great for carrying heavy weapons along with many other small accessories like flashlights, magazines, etc.


  • Very thick and durable belt
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects
  • 100% full grain leather and comes in a single piece with no fillers
  • 15-17oz. leather


  • No drawbacks

Hanks Utility Belt – 1.5″ Heavy-Duty Leather Belt

One of the best duty girdles designed by Hanks is their Gunner A12500. It can be used for casual purposes and is pretty thick. This belt has got the strength and durability to last long and comes in multiple color options to choose from.

What’s unique are the belt holes which run through its entire length which offers easy adjustment and customized fitting. It is American made from 14oz. leather material with Chicago screws allowing you to use a custom buckle.


  • Heavy duty belt
  • Multiple adjustment holes
  • Extremely versatile
  • Made in America


  • No drawbacks

Hanks Gunner – Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

Looking for a badass gunner belt, you probably need the CCW leather belt which is made in USA by skilled Amish Craftsmen. It uses 100% full grain leather which is a single piece and comes with no fillers. This prevents the belt from splitting and makes it look great even if it ages.

The leather used is 14oz. and 1.5” wide and vegetable tanned with a thickness of .22 to .23. It prevents the belt from sagging, rolling over and even stretching which increases its lifespan.


  • Thick and durable belt
  • Comes with a premium leather built
  • Doesn’t sag or rolls over
  • 100-year warranty


  • Slightly expensive

IPSC USPSA and 3 Gun Ultimate Competition Belt

A simple yet extremely durable two-piece competition, the IPSC USPSA girdle. This beauty is 1 ½ inches wide and comes with a pretty decent manufacturing materials which makes it last longer. I really like the double sewn padding on both the ends of the belt. It adds more strength to it and prevents it from sagging or rolling over.

The only thing we didn’t like is its tricky sizing options. You have to be very careful when choosing the size. For instance, if you rely on your clothing size, you may not get the perfect belt. For an easy sizing technique, measure your waist and add 2” to it. This would be your ideal belt size.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Comes with inner outer belt keeper
  • Durable


  • No buckle


A handmade gun girdle designed and manufactured by one of the finest company. It comes with a heavy duty 1.5” wide full grain leather and has an extraordinary quality, comfort and efficiency. It is quite firm and stable as well and doesn’t bother you wherever you are.

Its premium quality build is simply exceptional. It features buffalo leather which offers an amazing strength and increases the lifespan of your belt. The added stiffness prevents the belt from breaking, sagging or rolling over.

Moreover, it allows you to use OWB and IWB holster along with many other small accessories like a flashlight and magazines.


  • Handmade
  • Firm and stable
  • Outstanding quality and strength
  • Buffalo leather


  • You may want to punch more holes for better fitting

Frontiersman Bear Spray with Chest or Belt Holster

Need a survival tool along with your gun belt? You need the Frontiersman product right now. The spray offers extra protection on the go and that too from a distance so that you are safe and sound. This spray also offers maximum coverage and helps you in make a secure run in case of emergency.

The belt which comes along can be used for sticking in those IWB and OWN holsters and the spray as well. It gives you quick access in the time of need and is extremely durable. You can also use this belt for casual wear but we recommend only for your survival and adventure journeys.


  • Field proven effectiveness with quick access
  • Offers maximum stopping power with protection from a safe distance
  • More coverage for better defense
  • Easy to use


  • Its black sheath is of poor quality. A few users complaint about it

i.d.f weapon supply SPECIAL FORCES ccw gun belt

Last but not the least on our list is I.D.F weapon supply special forces CCW gun belt which is extremely thick and is guaranteed to last for years to come. It will not crack or even split, thanks to the durable buffalo leather which has got the strength and comfort.

It is not like a standard gun belt. It is special forces belt which uses the same leather strap as that of soldiers and comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Fits perfectly and nicely
  • Gives quick access to your firearm and other accessories in the holster
  • Thick, durable and comfortable
  • Special forces soldier gun belt


  • Belt dye rubs out on hands

Gun Belt Buying Guide

Buying is not equal to choosing. Let me give you a detailed overview of how to choose your first gun belt which perfectly meets all your needs.

Mistakes to Avoid

Quite often, gun owners make these mistakes when buying a gun belt and you should avoid them:

  • Poor quality leather: When buying a leather gun, do not compromise on the quality of leather. However, a common trap gun owners fall into is they buy poor quality leather as it can be polished to appear good. The best leather is full grain leather and top grain as both of them involves a proper mixture of epidermis and dermis. Generally, a pure leather belt is made out of 100 percent bottom hide
  • Poor Belt Hardware: Make sure that the belt hardware is of good quality. A good way to identify a good quality hardware on your belt is to look at the location of its buckle. If it is on the backpack, refrain from buying such belt. While the material of the buckle doesn’t matter much. What matters the most is where the buckle is located. I would recommend choosing snap enclosures so it opens and closes easily
  • Stitching of the belt: Another important thing not to ignore is the stitching of your belt. You need to pay close attention to its stitching. A lot of belts have very poor stitching. Aim for web belts or the ones which use solid strap. If you notice loose strands or frays on your gun belt, avoid buying them as they are of poor quality and will wear and tear quickly
  • Belt Stiffener: Your gun belt must be strong enough to hold together and endure more strain in every type of situation and weather conditions. This is why a gun belt must have a stiffener to hold better and longer. Its stiffener quality depends on the materials it is made from. Belts with stiff nylon weave are commonly used but pliable fabric is a must. A few belts have Kydex which is a plastic and results in fine stiffener. As long as kydex and plastic stiffeners are used, your belt is good to go
  • Carrying Belt? Finally, you may want to consider the appearance of your belt. Some belts have a horrible eyesore that look ridiculous. It is ok if you don’t care much about the appearance of the belt but still I would recommend picking a belt with good appearance

Determining The Size

Size of your gun belts isn’t the same to normal belts. But don’t worry, getting the right size for your gun belt is pretty easy. First you need to consider the dimensions of the belt itself.

Normal belts come in two-inch increments. So, you should normally deal in those size terms.

Gun belts have varying height and depth dimensions. Considering that most of the belt loops don’t accommodate belts wider than 1.5 inches and not thicker than 3/8 of an inch, your belt has to be of perfect dimensions.

Usually, you will find 1.75 inch belts on the market.

I don’t recommend choosing a thicker belt as it is less comfortable. Anything thicker than 1/3 of an inch won’t give you a good time during your journey.

Complementing Holster

A gun belt, holster and your weapon, all of these three objects have to work in harmony to give you the best experience.

If you have an IWB holster, both the holster and gun have to go right inside your waistband. Since this will add inch or two of gun and holster to your beltline, make sure when ordering a belt for use with an IWB, the holster should be two inches longer than the length of the belt you would normally use.

All the belts recommended above are usually two to four inches longer than pant size and companies also recommend that as the baseline.

Quickest Way to Determine Size

As a general hand rule, I have figured out that the quickest way to determine the size of your gun belt is to measure from the end of the buckle and to the hole you use most often.

What Else to Expect?

Well, the only thing left to discuss is the price of your new belt. Don’t expect anything below $30 if you are going for a quality product. I would recommend spending a few extra bucks and buy a belt priced $50 or above as they offer the best quality materials and other hardware used.

Leather belts can be very expensive, especially if it is pure leather. They can cost a couple hundred dollars or even more if you love exotic animal hide.

Irrespective of the price of your belt, the most important thing is to consider the size of your gun. The heavier the gun, the more rigid your belt has to be.

Finally, do not compromise on the comfort level because your belt goes around your waist and if it is uncomfortable, you won’t be able to focus on the target properly.


If you have any good recommendations which you think should be on our list, feel free to comment. We’d love to hear what you think of our recommendations. Don’t forget to share it with gun enthusiasts in your circle and do subscribe to our newsletter.