Gun Garage Answers the Question – “Where Can I Buy Ammo in Las Vegas?”

The modern shooting range and full service gun store, located a short distance from the world famous Las Vegas Strip, carries a wide selection of firearms and ammunition to satisfy any shooting enthusiast.

Shotshells and cartridges are the two basic types of ammunition. Shotguns fire shotshells, which contain a single slug or numerous small projectiles, called shot. Cartridges are shot out of handguns and rifles.

Regardless of type, all ammo consists of a projectile, gunpowder, primer and case. When the firing pin in the gun strikes the primer, a spark ignites the gunpowder. The powder converts to gas and forces the projectile out of the case and through the gun’s barrel.

Caliber refers to the size of the bullet’s diameter, and has nothing to do with a bullet’s power or length. A .22 bullet is designed to fire in a .22 rifle or pistol. The .22S is specifically for a short barrel firearm while the .22L and the .22LR are for the long barrel and long rifle, respectively. Using the wrong caliber ammunition in a weapon increases the risk of jamming.

At Gun Garage, we offer an astounding variety of ammunition options for every gun owner. Members of our sales staff have the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions about ammunition. They can help ensure you purchase ammo appropriate for your purpose in order to save you money and enhance your shooting experience.

Call the shooting experts at Gun Garage at 702-440-4867 (GUNS), or stop by our store at 5155 South Dean Martin Drive the next time someone asks, “Where can I buy ammo in Las Vegas?”

Visit Gun Garage to Buy Guns in Las Vegas

Shooters looking for the best place to buy guns in Las Vegas will find everything they need and more at Gun Garage on South Dean Martin Drive.

In addition to operating a state-of-the-art gun range, we carry a wide variety of firearms for sale at competitive prices. Whether you are in the market for a pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, submachine gun or machine gun, our friendly and knowledgeable staff of gun experts will help you find the firearm that meets your requirements.

Our experienced customer representatives are familiar with all makes and models of firearms. They can help you choose the weapon that best suits your needs and budget. If you want to try it before you buy it, visit our shooting range where a trained safety officer will help you test any of our firearms.

Buyers interested in a weapon for self-protection can choose from a variety of pistols and revolvers for sale in our store. Options include everything from the 500 S&W Magnum, the largest production revolver, to the FN Five Seven, one of the preferred weapons of the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces and United States Secret Service agents.

Our Selection of Guns For Sale in Las Vegas

Our large selection of machine guns includes the M4, a weapon designed in the United States and used by military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide. We also carry the futuristic looking FN P90, originally designed for anti-terrorism officers, and capable of firing 900 rounds per minute.

Stop by our well-stocked firearms store just west of the Luxor on Dean Martin Dr. and see for yourself why so many gun enthusiasts rely on the experts at Gun Garage when they want to buy guns in Las Vegas. Call us at 702-440-4867 to talk with one of our gun experts in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Attraction – Machine Gun and Firearm Shooting Range

Put an event together your invitees will remember as they experience the power of shooting unique firearms in a modern, ultra-safe firing range.

Las Vegas Attraction – Shooting Range Experiences
We offer an exciting Las Vegas attraction that is open to beginner and experienced shooters – no gun licenses required due to our on-site, qualified expert instructors. Each shooting experience offered by Gun Garage comes with eye and ear protection, range time and instructions from a safety officer. Our shooting range experience is sure to be a Las Vegas attraction you don’t want to miss!

Firing a Dirty Harry .44 Magnum … Required for Every Las Vegas Bachelor Party!
Are you looking for some exciting, unique Las Vegas attractions that can help you organize a bachelor party everyone is sure to remember? We offer themed shooting experiences so that everyone can handle a variety of guns, including pistols, mob guns and military machine guns. Our event coordinators will assist you in choosing the ideal Las Vegas attraction experience that will make any man’s remaining single days an adventure he won’t forget.

Las Vegas Attraction for Ladies Night Out
Have fun at a Las Vegas attraction that you may not have thought about. Gather your friends, get adventurous and try something you haven’t done before. No previous training required. Learn about the use of pistols from a trained professional. We have a modern, ultra-safe shooting range with classes taught by NRA firearms instructors. Learn the proper way to handle a gun and shoot at life size targets.

Call us today at (702) 440-GUNS (4867) and learn about our themed shooting range experiences, a Las Vegas attraction that won’t disappoint!

Beginners Have Fun at the Gun Garage, Las Vegas’s Indoor Gun Range

The Gun Garage’s indoor gun range has taken Las Vegas entertainment to a whole new level at its state-of-the-art facility just steps away from the world famous Strip.

Shooters 8 years old and above are welcome to participate with absolutely no experience necessary. All sessions take place under the watchful eyes of our qualified range masters, so you do not need a permit or gun license.

An indoor gun range can be an intimidating place for a first-time shooter but even if you have never handled a firearm, Gun Garage is the ideal place to learn the basics. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will spend all the time necessary to make you feel at ease so you enjoy your time with us.

Every session begins with instruction on how to handle a firearm safely. You will learn the proper etiquette to use on the range to ensure everyone has a good time. All shooters are required to wear noise-reducing hearing protection and safety goggles, which we will provide for you.

Our special Beginners’ Package offers you the chance to experience the difference between shooting a machine gun and a pistol. You receive one magazine of ammunition to shoot from either a German Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun or an Uzi, an Israeli open-bolt blowback operated submachine gun. The package also includes two magazines of ammunition to shoot out of any 9mm pistol from our vast arsenal of weapons.

Visit our Vegas Shooting Range

Visit us at our convenient location just west of the Strip at 5155 S. Dean Martin Drive or call us at 702-440-GUNS (4867) to book your shooting experience at Gun Garage, the best shooting range Sin City has to offer.

Our Gun Range in Las Vegas: What to Expect with an Event

Gun Garage is located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and makes a great experience to complement your trip. We cater to everyone – non-licensed beginners as well as existing gun owners. None of the other gun ranges in Las Vegas offer the type of door-to-door service, modern facility and highly trained personnel like we do.

Many of the visitors to our Las Vegas gun range are part of events like corporate outings and bachelor/bachelorette parties and have never held a gun before. We also set private sessions up for families and out-of-town visitors looking for a unique, incredible gun range experience while in Las Vegas.

We offer affordable themed gun range packages as well as special rates and hours for groups, families and couples. If you schedule a gun range reservation (reservations not required) we’ll pick you up at your hotel at no charge.

Gun Garage is the Only Five Star Indoor Gun Range in Vegas

When you arrive, you will see why the Gun Garage offers one of the most modern, up-to-date gun ranges in Las Vegas. Our gun range meets the highest safety standards while incorporating desirable features like noise reduction and extra wide stalls for easy gun handling. Unlike other gun ranges in Las Vegas, we also offer a spectator area where viewers can safely watch friends and family behind bulletproof glass.

Our staff consists of highly trained experts ready to help inexperienced beginners learn how to safely and properly handle guns. Many come from military backgrounds and are instructors that teach gun training certification classes.

While at our range, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about different guns, including hand guns (including Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum), Tommy Guns and automatic rifles. If you are looking to change it up in Vegas, add the adrenaline rush of shooting a variety of guns and learn about guns you’ve seen in movies and on TV. If you are considering a gun for purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to handle multiple guns and get educated by the experts on the potential gun that meets your requirements.

Our staff is ready to give you an exciting, safe and educational evening at one of the most modern gun ranges in Las Vegas. To learn more about events at our gun range in Las Vegas, call (702) 440-4867.

Find Out What the Machine Gun Experience in Las Vegas is All About

Many shooters only dream of having the opportunity to fire a fully automatic weapon, but the machine gun experience in Las Vegas is a reality at Gun Garage.

Our modern gun range offers shooters of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to get their hands on some of the most popular firearms available. We offer a huge selection of guns and a variety of shooting packages starting at just $39.95. We have everything from state of the art assault rifles to classic pistols ready to put a bang in your Vegas vacation.

Our friendly and skilled range instructors are standing by and will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. They will guide you through the process of choosing a shooting package that suits your individual interests, conduct a safety briefing, and offer tips while you take aim at your chosen target.

Walk-ins are always welcome but if you make an appointment we will provide complimentary shuttle service from and back to any resort on the Strip. Anyone with a valid ID is welcome to shoot at our range. Because our NRA certified instructors are always present, you do not need a permit or license to fire any of our weapons. Children 8 years of age and older must come in with a parent or legal guardian to participate.

Shoot Machine Guns in Vegas

We can accommodate individuals and groups of any size. Brides and grooms to be can ask about our special bachelor and bachelorette parties that offer unique alternatives to the traditional options. Our event coordinators can mix and match our themed packages to suit the needs of everyone in the group. Individuals who choose not to shoot can watch all the action from behind safety glass in our comfortable viewing lounge.

Our guests agree that Gun Garage knows how to make machine guns fun. For more information about the machine gun experience in Las Vegas, call us at 702-440-GUNS (4867) today.

About Gun Garage

Shooters at Gun Garage Shooting Range

Our 12-Lane Las Vegas Shooting Range Features Amazing Firearms and Safe Surroundings

Our ultra-modern Las Vegas shooting range offers an experience that is as affordable as it is memorable, with an amazing assortment of rifles, shotguns and pistols and themed experiences to fit every budget.

Our 12-lane Las Vegas shooting range is an exciting alternative to gambling in the casinos or watching a show on the strip. Our customers shoot firearms such as M4 carbines, AK47s, UZIs and Tommy guns in a safe facility staffed by professional range instructors.

A visit to our firing range is ideal for families with older children who want to learn more about firearms and develop shooting skills. Because we stress safety at all times, we allow only children older than 8 years old who are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian into the range.

The Most Up-to-Date Las Vegas Shooting Range

Our Las Vegas shooting range was designed and built by prestigious Action Target, one of the best-known companies in the shooting industry. Action Target incorporated features found in the finest shooting ranges in the world, such as:

  • Solid masonry walls that ensure quiet and safety.
  • Abrasion resistant (AR) 500 steel stalls for each shooting lane.
  • Two-inch bulletproof glass that separates spectators from the shooters.
  • Extra wide stalls so that you can comfortably fire rounds from any type of gun, from an automatic rifle to a pistol


Directions to Gun Garage

Our address:

5155 S. Dean Martin Dr. Las Vegas Nevada (GPS: 36.09612,-115.18191)

Gun Garage is south of Tropicana Avenue on Dean Martin Drive. We are located across I-15 from the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

From Las Vegas Boulevard: Turn West on Tropicana Avenue and cross I-15. The first light after I-15 is Dean Martin Drive. Turn left and look for us less than ¼ mile on the right.

From I-15: Take exit 37—Tropicana Avenue—and go West. Take a left at the first light—Dean Martin Drive and look for us less that ¼ mile on the right.


Gun Garage’s Themed Experiences

Experience the Thrill of Shooting Tommy Guns, Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum, or Automatic Rifles at Our Safe, Clean Las Vegas Firing Range

Click on the ORANGE tabs below to expand for more info.

*All shooters must be sober (not under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol). Anyone with alcohol in their system will not be able to shoot.

*All experiences are priced in US Dollars.

*All experiences are priced per person excluding the Best Bang for Your Buck and Club 21.

*All packages include eye and ear protection.

*Best Bang for Your Buck: Up to 2 can share at original price.

Special Deals

Las Vegas Shooter at the Range at Gun Garage

Gun Garage’s modern shooting range in Las Vegas features affordable themed experiences that appeal to shooters of all tastes and experience levels.

Our Recon experience enables you to get a feel for the firearms used by elite tactical units. Shoot firearms such as the P90 SUBMACHINE gun, UMP, SCAR 223, Glock and HK USP pistol in complete safety and under the watchful eye of knowledgeable, capable instructors in our 12-lane Las Vegas firing range.

Other packages available enable you to fire ROUNDS from the same type of pistol used by Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character or “Tommy Guns” like the mobsters of the 1930s.

The Pick Your Three experience offers you the flexibility of shooting any three firearms you choose. For larger groups, ask us about mixing and matching different packages for a variety of shooting experiences.

Located just minutes from the Strip on south Dean Martin Drive, Gun Garage’s Las Vegas firing range is an ideal alternative for families, out-of-town visitors or residents looking for an incredible experience.

Gun Garage Shooting Range Las Vegas Patron

Our Experiences Feature UZIs, AK-47s, and Machine Guns

Each shooting package offered by Gun Garage comes with eye and ear protection, range time, and instructions from a safety officer. We require valid photo identification and also recommend that low cut attire and sandals not be worn.

Packages also include two targets except for the Pick Your Three Experience, which includes three targets.

Click Here for more information about our group rates for Las Vegas Corporate Challenge.

Call Gun Garage today at 702-440-GUNS (4867) to learn more about our themed experiences or to make reservations. Our modern, 12-lane shooting range in Las Vegas is located at 5155 S. Dean Martin Drive, west of Interstate 15 and the Luxor hotel and casino. We also operate a popular Las Vegas gun store on the premises.